Obama Traffic, Street Closures for October 24, 2012 in Los Angeles, Burbank

Obama Traffic, Street Closures for October 24, 2012 in Los Angeles, Burbank

President Obama will be making another trip to the Los Angeles area on Wendesday, October 24, 2012.  This time it is expected to be a quickie as he’s just stopping by to make an appearnce on the Tonight Show.

Update 8:08pm

President Obama has just departed on Air Force 1 – Obamajam express edition comes to a close!  Thanks everyone!

Update 7:58pm

Ok .. Marine 1 enroute from Burbank to LAX

Update 7:46pm

Reports of the motorcade headed up Hollywood way about 10 ago. 

Update 6:46pm

Obama is at NBC now taping the Tonight Show.  He’ll probably be leaving around 7pm and do the reverse from before.  Quick trip…

Update 6:23pm

Olive, Alameda, Riverside Dr and Pass are all jammed in the vicinity of NBC Studios and the Burbank Media district as Obama draws close.

Update 6:16pm

Traffic all of a sudden jamming up around NBC studios (Olive/Alameda) so he’s close.


Traffic on Alameda due to presidential motorcade - courtesy @tchriste52

Update 6:04pm

Motorcade has not arrived yet but is said to be very close.  More reports of closures along Hollywood Way.

Update 6:02pm

Since we’re hearing the motorcade is on the move and that Magnolia is closed at Hollywood Way, we’re assuming it is heading down Hollywood Way and you can expect rolling closures.

Update 5:54pm

Magnolia Blvd closed at Hollywood Way per @JustinHays503

Update 5:53pm

Obama very close to Burbank – getting many reports from readers.  Still in the air as of 5:52pm

Update 5:37pm

Marine One is taking off now from LAX enroute to Burbank.

Update 5:35pm

President Obama exiting Air Force 1 and he’s heading directly for Marine One.

Update 5:28pm

President Obama has arrived at LAX – Air Force 1 is on the runway.

Update 5:23pm (10-24-2012)

Obama is about to arrive at LAX.


President Obama is scheduled to arrive at Los Angeles International Airport at 5:25pm.  From there it appears he will be helicoptered to Burbank.  He may go to Bob Hope Airport and be driven to NBC - although some sources are saying it may just be a direct flight due to the short time he is there.  He is expected to arrive around 6:30pm at NBC.

If you work in the Burbank area, your best bet is to get out before 5pm to avoid traffic.

Burbank PD has not mentioned what streets will be closed yet for Obama, but it is safe to assume streets around the NBC Studios will be closed, including:

  • Alameda Ave
  • Olive Ave
  • Bob Hope Dr
  • Buena Vista St
  • Riverside Dr

Rolling closures may also occur between Bob Hope Airport and NBC.  Most likely candidates for travel are Hollywood Way or Buena Vista – but could also be via I-5, 134 or Vineland.

Obama is scheduled to leave LAX at 7:45pm.

Basically avoid the Burbank Media District from 5pm-8pm and you should be ok.


LAPD reports that traffic around LAX and Burbank could be impacted (very vague) between 4:25pm and 8:45pm.

There are two possible scenarios we’ve seen played out before:

1.  Land at LAX and motorcade to Burbank: He did this the last time when he was on the Tonight Show.  However, that time he was taping in the morning and he was departing from the Beverly Hilton, not LAX.  In that instance, he used the 405, 101 and 134 to get to Burbank from the Westside of LA.

2. Land at LAX, helicopter to Burbank and drive to NBC Studios: Obama did something like this when he visited George Clooney in Studio City.  He flew from LAX to Burbank aiport via helicopter and then he was brought in through the Valley down Laurel Canyon.  That would seem to be the least disruptive way to handle it.

Update 10:44am (10-23-2012)

Reader Chris K tips us off that Obama will probably be choppered in to Burbank and driven to NBC.  He says that two Marine choppers flew over his house in Studio City on Sunday headed towards Burbank.  It must be a practice run - we’ve had tips from readers before about these practice runs near Rancho Park when he goes to the westside.

Streets around NBC Studios (at Alameda and Olive) are also going to be closed as the President comes in and out.  We don’t have a list yet, but last time the Burbank PD did report that they would shut down Bob Hope Drive.

Check back as we will update as more information becomes available.

Chris Hughes