“Carmageddon 2″ – the full closure of the 405 freeway will take place over the weekend of Sep 29-30.

Although last time went off without a hitch, officials are warning all of us to stay away from the 405.  This time people don’t seem to be as frightened and many more motorists may take to the roads than last time.

Below are some questions and answers people have asked regarding the 405 closure this weekend. When you get out on the road, make sure to take along a FREE APP from Sigalert.com that will help you monitor traffic conditions.

What time does the 405 close?

Ramps will start closing starting at 7pm on Friday, Septmeber 28.  One by one, freeway lanes will close starting at 10pm, leading to the complete closure at midnight.

405 NORTH will close between the 10 and 101.  405 SOUTH will close between the 101 and Getty Center Dr.

When will the 405 open?

Officials say they are confident that the freeway will reopen by 6am on Monday, October 1st.  The contractor will be shelling out big bucks if they run late – $6,000 for every lane of freeway every 10 minutes it remains closed.  That means if the freeway is closed for 10 minutes, it’s a $60,000 penalty!

Will the 405 open early like last time?

It is less likely this time, as there is 30 percent more work to be done.  Plus, Caltrans will be doing some maintenance work at the same time.  There is a bit of contingency time built in to the schedule but officials doubt it will be completed early.

Will residents in the closure area be trapped in their homes?

No, traffic control officers will be posted along Sepulveda Blvd through the closure limits to help keep traffic moving and allow residents to enter and exit their neighborhoods.

In addition, Sepulveda Blvd is intended for local access only and NOT to be used as a detour to the 405.

What happens if the 405 does not open on Monday morning?

A special unified command will take charge in the highly unlikely event that the 405 can not open.  However, it’s a very unlikely scenario and officials fully believe it will open by Monday morning.

Will there be police and fire and other emergency responders in the closure area?

Yes, like last time they will be staged throughout the Sepulveda Pass to respond to any emergencies that may occur.

Is there a viewing area for this year’s demolition?

Unfortunately there will not be a viewing area this year due to limitations in geography.

Will there be a “Carmageddon 3?”

No, after this closure there will be a new bridge and no need for further weekend closures.

What are good detours to the 405 closure?

Many people have asked how to get around the closure and to their destination - here are a list of excellent detours that you might find helpful.  Lots of people are also worried about finding alternates to LAX – here’s a whole bunch!

Total Traffic Staff