405 Closure Alternate Routes, Detour and Traffic Questions from Readers

405 Closure Alternate Routes, Detour and Traffic Questions from Readers

The 405 will be closed again this weekend (Sept 29-30) and once again people are asking for alternate routes to get where they need to go.

If you have questions about the 405 closure,  feel free to contact us via Facebook, on Twitter @TotalTrafficLA, or via email at 405@totaltrafficla.com

Also, Sigalert.com is offering a FREE app to help you monitor traffic conditions and a special half-off price for the premium service during Carmageddon. 

In the meantime, we answer questions from our readers.  This assumes 405 closure traffic is worst-case scenario.  Although last time it was a breeze – it’s hard to know if people will stay home this time, so plan for the worst!

By the way – if you’re looking for a way to LAX, click here!

My Dad is driving down from Sacramento tomorrow and needs an alternate route to get to us in Brentwood. 

If he comes the I-5, where should I direct him so that he can get to us at Sunset and Church Lane.

Tell him to take the I-5 south to 405 SOUTH but exit at Roscoe.

Make a left and go under the freeway and then a right on Van Nuys Blvd.

When he gets to Ventura Blvd make a left on Ventura, then a right on Beverly Glen.

Travel through the hills and eventually he will hit Sunset near UCLA.  Make a right on Sunset and travel west to Brentwood.

I have to be in Northridge (CSUN) Saturday morning.  I live in Orange County and the route I usually take is:  North 5, then north 101, then north 405, exiting on Nordhoff.  Will this route hit any freeway stoppage?  If so, what is the best route for me to take?

There is a chance you may see some stoppage because the 101 is crossing the 405 right at the closure.

Instead, you can take the 5 NORTH to the 118 WEST to the 405 SOUTH or take the 101 NORTH to 170 NORTH and exit at Roscoe.  Make a left and that will take you back to the 405 well north of the closure.

What is the best route to get from Bakersfield to Baldwin Hills in West LA?

Take the 5 SOUTH to the 170 SOUTH.  Exit at Victory and make a left under the freeway and then a right on Laurel Cyn.  At Sunset make a right and then left on La Cienega.  That will take you directly to Baldwin Hills.




I’m live in Encino but work in Santa Monica.  How can I get to work on Sunday? 

Head west/north on the 101 to Topanga Cyn.  At the off-ramp make a left and go under the freeway.  Drive several miles and then left on PCH which will take you in to Santa Monica.

I’m coming to Culver City from Chatsworth around 9am on Saturday.  Please advise the best route:

Ok.. take 405 SOUTH and get off at Victory (before the closure)

Make a left and go under the freeway.

Make a right on Van Nuys Blvd and travel several miles.  Then, make a left on Ventura and right on Beverly Glen.  Drive through the hills all the way down to Pico Blvd.

Go right on Pico and left on Overland and that will take you in to Culver City.

Will the 405 closure affect the drive from Las Vegas to Glendale on Saturday?

No, you should be well east of the mayhem if you stick to the 15 SOUTH to 210 WEST.

I have to get to CSUN by saturday 9:00 am from Santa Monica.  What is the best route?

Take Santa Monica, Wilshire, Pico or Olympic east to Beverly Glen.  Turn left on Beverly Glen and travel several miles up through the hills.  On the other side, make a left at Ventura Blvd and a right on Van Nuys Blvd.  You can take that north to Nordhoff.

I will be traveling from South Orange County to the Antelope Valley. I Have to be in the Rosamond area by 7am. What would be your suggestion for travel? I was planning on leaving here around 4:30am.

Coming from south Orange County, you can take the 5 NORTH to the 57 NORTH to the 210 WEST to the 5 NORTH to the 14 and stay far, far away from the 405 closure!


I am leaving Santa Barbara Saturday afternoon to Gardena. And returning to Santa Barbara Sunday evening. Should I stay on the 101 to the 110 or do you think the 110 will be a parking lot as everyone will be taking that route too?

The 110 may be heavy, but you can try this:

101 SOUTH to 126 EAST to 5 SOUTH to 10 EAST to 710 SOUTH back to the 405.

That will keep you as far away from the 405 as possible.  710 should be a little better than the 110.

You can reverse the directions for your drive home!

I was wondering what would be the best route to get to LAX from the Balley? I live right where the 118 meets the 405 in Granada Hills and am picking someone up who’s flight gets in at 9:50 pm Friday. Thanks in advance!!

The 405 won’t close until midnight on Friday, so you can drive to the airport using it.  However coming back you’ll probably want to go on the 105 EAST to the 110 NORTH to the 5 NORTH to the 118 WEST.


I have work on Saturday & Sunday in Brentwood. How else could I get there if the 405 south closes? I live in Northridge.

Take the 405 SOUTH and exit at Victory or Burbank Blvd.

Make a left and go under the freeway, then make a right on Van Nuys Blvd.

At Ventura Blvd make a left, and then a right on Beverly Glen.

Drive though the hills and Beverly Glen will eventually hit Sunset Blvd.

I need to get from Fresno into Torrance on Sunday evening. What would be another route to take other than the 405 as I’m not too familiar with the area.

Instead of taking the 405 SOUTH, continue on the 5 and then take the 110 SOUTH.  That will get you back to the 405 near the Torrance area.

I need to be at the Sherman Oaks Galleria by 9am on Saturday..what’s a good route if I can’t take 405 south from Nordhoff?

You actually can take the 405.  405 SOUTH won’t be closed until the 101.

What I would do is exit earlier – at Burbank or Roscoe and take Sepulveda south to the Galleria.

We need to leave UCLA Saturday near the Hilgard/Sunset Bvld West area  in the morning and head north to Santa Barbara.. will you please advise us of an alternate route to miss the 405 closure?

From Sunset and Hilgard head east on Sunset, then make a left on Beverly Glen.  Drive through the hills and when you get to Ventura Blvd make a left.  Make a right on Van Nuys Blvd and you can hop on the 101 freeway.

I need to go to Long Beach Saturday morning.  Can I take the 110 to the 91 to 710 to get to Long Beach @ 10am?

Yes, that would be your best option.

I am going to Santa Barbara Sunday morning. Leaving from Orange County. What is the best route?

The best route would be to take the 605 or 57 NORTH to the 210 WEST to the 5 NORTH to the 126 WEST to the 101 NORTH. That will keep you far away from the 405!

We are going fishing on the Kern River leaving Fri nite returning Sunday. Should we take 605N to /210W/5N or 110N?

It depends how late you are leaving on Friday, but if you leave after before 8pm you should be ok as the freeway won’t close until midnight.

Coming back on Sunday, I’d advise you to take 5 SOUTH to 210 EAST to 605 SOUTH back to Long Beach.  That will keep you as far away from the 405 as possible.

Hi!  I will be traveling to the Beverly Center on September 30th. I will be coming from the San Fernando Valley (beginning on Tampa 101 entrance).  Can you suggest what the fastest way/alternate route to get to the Beverly center? I normally take the 101 to the 405 to get to the Bev Center but with Carmageddon happening, i’m not sure what route to take.

Yes.. it’s very simple.  If you continue south/east along the 101 freeway, exit at Laurel Cyn Blvd and make a right.

Follow Laurel Canyon for several miles through the hills.  When you get to Hollywood it becomes Crescent Heights.  Just keep going and make a right on Beverly.

If the 101 is backed up, you can just take Ventura instead and still make that right on Laurel Cyn.

I am attending classes held in Century City at 9:00am until 6:30 pm Friday thru Sunday. What is the best route to take from Lancaster?

Take the 14 SOUTH to 5 SOUTH to 405 SOUTH and exit at Burbank Blvd.

Make a left and go under the freeway.

Make a right on Van Nuys Blvd.

Travel a few miles then make a Left on Ventura Blvd then make a right on Beverly Glen.

When you get through the hills, you’ll come down to Santa Monica Blvd.  Make a left and you’ll end up in Century City.

If the 405 starts to backup before Burbank Blvd, you can also exit at Nordhoff, Roscoe or Sherman Way and follow the same route.

Thanks for opening this hotline for people concerned about the traffic this weekend. I have a friend who is coming from LAX, and we’re scheduled to drive up to Yosemite on Saturday morning/afternoon. I was thinking that it would be best to take surface streets to LAX, then from there take the 10 E to the 110 N, then 5 N all the way up. Do you anticipate heavy traffic during that time on Saturday on those freeways? Any tips?


That would work, and if you leave early enough (before 8am) you should be able to get through without too much traffic.
It sounds like your friend is coming from LAX to meet you in Culver City and leaving from there.  It would be even better if you went south to meet your friend near LAX and then take the 105 to the 110 up to the 5.
Overall, if you leave early enough, either way should work without too many delays.

I will be traveling from Bakersfield to Torrance on Saturday, are there any alternate routes I can take at the 5 on ramp?

Sure, you can just continue on the 5 SOUTH to the 110 SOUTH which will take you right back to the 405 in the Torrance area.

Hi– I have to go from Pacific Palisades to Orange on 9/29, arriving at around 2PM in Orange.  What would be the best route given the 405 closure?  Also driving from Palisades to San francisco on 9/30–leaving in AM–best route?

To Orange head south on PCH to Lincoln to the 90 EAST, then pick up the 405 SOUTH to the 110 NORTH to 91 EAST to 57 or 55 – wherever in Orange you need to be.

To San Francisco, it depends which route you were planning on taking. If you’re going via 101, head north along PCH all the way to Oxnard where it joins the 101. Otherwise, if you leave early enough you should be able to shoot across on the 10 EAST to the 5 NORTH and continue that way.

I take the 10 WEST to the 405 SOUTH weekdays for my commute around 4:00 am.  Is the ramp from the 10 W to 405 S going to be closed on Monday morning?  There are signs up, but they do not say exactly when the closure will take place.

While the freeway may still be closed, your ramp will be available as it is not included in the closures.

Only the ramps from the 10 to the 405 NORTH will be shut down as part of the closure.


This Friday 28th Oct around 3 or 4 pm I am going to a conference from Santa Barbara CA to Long Beach. I have heard I have to avoid the 405. I also have to get home Monday around 2ish in the afternoon from long Beach to Santa Barbara. What Route would you recommend? And thanks so much for answering this!

You will be avoiding the complete closure of the 405 by leaving Friday and returning Monday.

However, I must warn you that you will be driving through the thick of Friday afternoon traffic and heading in the worst possible direction – south from LA.  It is likely to take you upwards of 3-4 hours to make the trip.  I would recommend you waiting until 7pm and then coming down – it should only take you 2.5 hours at the most once the traffic clears.

If you must leave in the afternoon, I would recommend you take 101 SOUTH to 126 EAST to 5 SOUTH to 118 EAST to 405 SOUTH.  The real problem is that all of the routes heading east or south will be completely bumper to bumper on a Friday afternoon.

I have to travel from Santa Barbara to Newport Beach this Sunday leaving  7:45 am and leaving Newport to return around 2:30 pm.  What would be the best route to avoid heavy traffic? Thanks.

I would recommend trying to stay as far away from the 405 as possible in Los Angeles.

You can take the 101 SOUTH -> 126 EAST -> 5 SOUTH -> 210 EAST -> 57 SOUTH -> 91 EAST -> 55 SOUTH.  That will keep you well away from the closure.

Afternoon traffic may be a bit more hectic but following that route in reverse should keep you out of most of the congestion.

Whatever you do, avoid the 405 between Seal Beach and the San Fernando Valley and don’t bother with the 5 at all between Orange County and Downtown LA.

My birthday is on September 30th, and I’m having it at the Beverly Center.  I have several friends asking me for alternate routes.  Can you suggest what the fastest way to get to the Beverly center off of La Cienega and Wilshire would be? 

I have friends coming from Santa Monica and friends coming from the OC.  I’m assuming the ones from the OC can take the 5S to the 101/the 10 and take inside roads?  As for Santa Monica, if they take the 10, they wouldn’t run in to the 405, right?

For your friends coming from Orange County, I would suggest they take the 405 NORTH and exit at La Cienega.  Then they can just take La Cienega all the way up to the Beverly Center.

Coming from Santa Monica will be tricky.  Not only is the 405 closed but several streets will be closed for the LA Triathlon that morning.

They can take the 10, but might run in to some traffic approaching the 405.  I would recommend taking Olympic, Pico or Wilshire and turning left on La Cienega.

We have unchangeable plans on Saturday and must get to the Hollywood and Highland center by 2:15 on Saturday afternoon.  We will be tooling around Hollywood mostly that day, so we hope Sunset, Hollywood Blvd, and Wilshire east of UCLA will be okay.

BUT MOSTLY – what route do you recommend from south OC to the Hollywood/Highland Center???

The 101 is most likely going to be a mess because that is the main detour route for the 405, and the 5 is always rough heading northbound on Saturday afternoon so try to avoid those.

What you might try is taking the 405 NORTH and getting off at La Cienega.  Continue north, make a right on Slauson, then a left on La Brea which will take you in to Hollywood.

Caltrans expects traffic to be heaviest 10am to 2pm and 6pm to 8pm.  I’d give yourself at least three hours to get there.  You might also want to get an early start and head out around 8 or 9am and maybe just get in to Hollywood early and get some breakfast.

Metrolink is also offering a $10 all weekend pass.  You could take Metrolink to Union Station and take the Red Line (free this weekend) right to Hollywood and Highland (no walking!)

My boss is sending me to Long Beach location on Saturday for a meeting and when I googled the directions it said I have to take several freeways, including the 405 to get there. I can request to reschedule my meeting.  I don’t want to sit in traffic and heat for 2-3 hours. What would you suggest? Also, would the 60 or 10 east going to the 15 (Las Vegas) get affected? I was hoping it wouldn’t since it’s pretty far from the 405.

Ultimately it depends where you’re coming from.  If you’re coming from the east or south, like the Inland Empire or Orange County, Caltrans has told us they’re not anticipating too much trouble getting in to Long Beach – the 405 traffic will be further north.

They also tell us they are expecting the worst time for traffic on Saturday will be between 10am and 2pm and 6pm and 8pm.

If you can reschedule that would be the best option – just to make sure you’re not stuck in the mess.

The freeways headed east are not likely to be affected by the 405 closure, especially toward the 15.

I have to come up the 405 northbound from OC to Manhattan Beach on Saturday at 3pm…will I make it up to Hawthorne Blvd before hitting stoppage or will I have to get off earlier?

We can’t tell for sure, but from what Caltrans has told us, they don’t expect the backup to even reach as far as Long Beach so you should be ok.  The busiest time will be between 10am and 2pm.

I am going to need to get from Culver City to Ojai.  I thought PCH to Malibu Cyn Rd would be a good route at that time of day. What do you think?

From Culver City to Ojai, that is probably your best option.  However, we are anticipating a lot of people on PCH and the canyon roads so you’re going to want to leave a earlier.

Caltrans and Metro says they expect the worst time for traffic will be between 10am and 2pm  What we’ve been telling people to do is to head out early in the morning around 7 or 8 and get to their destination early and grab some breakfast.

On Friday and Saturday night I run a party bus from the intersection of Topanga and Ventura to Hollywood nightclubs. We run at 9:30PM and then again at 10:30PM. We ride solely on the 101, entering at the Topanga Cyn. Blvd. on-ramp and exiting at Cahuenga.

Will my run be affected heavily at these hours? Do I need to allot more time for travel, even though it is relatively late and I am not travelling on a route through the 405?

Friday night you should be OK as the full closure on the 405 doesn’t begin until midnight.

Saturday I would allow extra time.  Traffic coming on the 405 south will be diverted to the 101 south which will add extra traffic to your route.  On a hunch you might want to add an extra 30-45 minutes just to be sure.

There is a possibility that people may just avoid the freeways all together and it could be lighter than normal the entire weekend.  We should know more by Saturday afternoon.   If traffic during the day on Saturday is light, it’s a good possibility that nighttime traffic will do the same, barring any accidents of course.

Sunday morning 8-9 am,  I will be travelling on the 10 WEST and exiting at Vermont. Will I be affected by the 405 closure?  How about when I leave?

Between 8 and 9am, you shouldn’t have too much trouble as traffic on Sunday morning tends to be very light.

Between noon and 1, you will probably encounter congestion heading through Downtown on the 10  as that is a major detour route for the closure.

Hi!  I plan to leave Palm Springs on the 10 freeway this Sunday at 6 am, going to LA and exit La Brea.  Will I be okay traffic wise?

It is unlikely you will encounter much, if any, traffic congestion that early on a Sunday morning.  The biggest chance for any kind of backup would be on the 10 freeway out of Downtown to La Brea.  If you do encounter some, just get off the freeway at any exit and use Washington or Adams instead.  Surface streets should be moving well.

Overall I think you’ll be ok.  Just make sure you stick to your early departure.

I am going to the Fashion District in L.A. on Saturday headed west on the 10 freeway and getting off at Los Angeles Street.  Will the 405 closure affect me? 

Yes… there is projected to be a lot of extra traffic along the 10 freeway as that is one of the primary detour routes for the closure.  If you absolutely have to go, I would advise you to go there as early as possible.  Caltrans says they expect the worst traffic to be between 10am and 2pm and 6pm and 8pm

We are planning to travel roundtrip from Sherman Oaks to Santa Barbabra on Saturday taking the 101. Are you projecting extremely heavy traffic on this route? Do you anticipate the return back Sherman Oaks on the 101 south to  be difficult on Saturday evening?

The trip heading north to Santa Barbara should be relatively unaffected by the 405 closure.  However, there tends to be traffic on Saturdays during mid-morning heading northbound off and on between Ventura and Santa Barbara.

Traffic on the return trip is going to be dependent on how late you come back – the later the better.  Since traffic on the 101 won’t be allowed to go 405 south – everyone will have to continue on the 101 so it Iikely it will back up approaching the 405.   405 south will also likely be heavy approaching the 101 where it’s blocked off.

So over all – leave as early as possible in the morning and come back as late as possible to avoid the most traffic.

I need to drive from Venice to San Diego – admittedly south of the closure, but what can I expect traffic-wise? 

Brutality or smooth sailing?

Depends on when you’re going.  Good news is, you won’t get much (if any) traffic because of the 405 closure.

However, traffic southbound on the 5 between San Clemente (south Orange County) and Oceanside is usually pretty bad on Friday afternoons and Saturday between about 11am and 5pm.

Thanks for checking in and if you have any more questions, let us know!

I have to drive from Yucaipa to Ventura on Saturday morning.  Can I expect to be in a lot of traffic of will I mostly avoid it because I’ll be north of it?

Actually, you’re likely to get caught in some of it if she takes the 101 as that is the main detour route for the closure.

What she should do is go: on the 10 WEST to the 210 WEST to the 5 NORTH to the 126 WEST. That will drop her off in Ventura and avoid the congested area around the 405 and 101.  Also, make sure she leaves as early as possible.

Total Traffic LA Staff