Obama Traffic, Street Closures in Los Angeles, Studio City for May 10, 11, 2012

Obama Traffic, Street Closures in Los Angeles, Studio City for May 10, 11, 2012

President Obama will be back in Los Angeles on Thursday, May 10 to attend a fundraiser at the home of George Clooney.  Thursday is already a bad traffic day – and the President’s visit will cause even more traffic headaches for commuters on both sides of the hill.

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Information is still trickling in – but you can still plan ahead.  Here is what we know so far

Update 9:48am (5-11-2012)

Obama just boarded Air Force 1 … that concludes Obamajam Valley Edition — please join us next month when he returns!

Update 9:45am (5-11-2012)

Marine 1 at LAX right now… just landed.

Update 9:35pm (5-11-2012)

Rolling closures along Olympic, Pico and Santa Monica… they’re probably taking him to Rancho Park to helicopter over to LAX … or maybe VA.

Update 9:31pm (5-11-2012)

Obama just departed down Santa Monica Blvd to Century Park W … rolling closures per KNX radio.

Update 8:43am (5-11-2012)

Good morning – Obama is expected to depart the Beverly Hilton at 9:30A to return to LAX.  It’s the westside’s turn for Obamajam and rolling closures

He was reported to be at the basketball court over by Cheviot Hills playing some basketball this morning – that was kind of a surprise.

Update 11:39pm

One of the @WeHoDaily followers said they just saw the motorcade go down Wilshire from the 405 freeway towards the Beverly Hilton.

Update 11:37pm

Several sources, including our friends @WeHoDaily report Obama will be taking the helicopter from Burbank again.

Not sure where they’re going to land… but if anyone sees cops staging on the Westside - let us know!

Update 9:52pm

Obama should be departing soon from the Clooney fundraiser. He’ll be headed to Beverly Hills and will most likely come down Laurel Canyon or Coldwater Canyon – so expect rolling closures and possible delays.

Update 7:12pm

Obama choppers just spotted over Santa Monica heading back to LAX.

Update 7:09pm

Our friend Steve Gregory from KFI reports Obama has arrived at Clooney’s.  He supposed to be there until about 10pm, at which time he will head to Beverly Hills.

  • Laurel Canyon will remain open during the function
  • Residential streets will be sealed except for residents with ID
  • Rolling closures will resume as he heads to Beverly Hills

Update 7:05pm

Obama spotted coming up over the hill on Laurel Cyn… almost to Clooney’s…

Update 6:54pm

Sounds like Obama might be coming from Burbank Airport.

We’re hearing of closures along Laurel Canyon at several locations, including Magnolia and Laurel Cyn and Sherman Way and Laurel Canyon.

Update 6:37pm

Reports came in of Marine 1 over Westwood and then just reported over the 101 freeway.

Update 6:21pm

Obama landed at LAX and is getting on Marine 1 to head off to the Valley, according to CBSLA.  There will be rolling closures on Laurel Canyon while the president is in transit.  They are TOWING cars off Laurel Canyon so don’t PARK THERE to see the president.

Laurel Canyon WILL BE OPEN during the event, just the smaller residential streets and hiking trails will be closed.

Update 6:12pm

Obama should be landing at LAX in a few minutes.

Coldwater Canyon traffic northbound is now heavy from Sunset to Ventura.

Ventura Blvd is heavy between Coldwater and Colfax.

Haven’t heard about any cops staging on the Westside – let us know if you see anything.

Update 5:24pm

Laurel Cyn and Coldwater Cyn north of Mulholland are heavy.  Traffic along Ventura Blvd moving normal for a Thursday.

Update 4:55pm

The latest rumor we hear is that Obama may be helicoptered to Universal and then driven to Fryman Canyon per @ohilary.  NOT CONFIRMED.

However reader Dan said motorcycle cops were staging in CVS parking lot at Laurel and Ventura.  Media vans are along Laruel from Fryman to Ventura.  Protesters are out in Willacre Park near Laurel and Fryman.

Traffic on Laurel Canyon and Coldwater Canyon is actually moving well right now.

Update 3:53pm

About 2 hours until Obama arrives for the fundraising event at George Clooney’s house in Studio City.  See below for more detailed information but the short version is – street closures on Laurel Cyn and Ventura Blvd begin as early as 5pm, and everything south of Ventura Blvd will be sealed off from 8-10.

Now’s a great time to head home as Coldwater Canyon traffic, Laurel Canyon traffic and Beverly Glen traffic is moving well. 

101 NORTH traffic is slow and go from Melrose to Tampa.

405 NORTH traffic is stop and go from Culver Blvd to Mulholland.

Update 11:27am

Reader Beth Koodish reports Ventura Bl is open near Universal Studios and was NOT shut down for Obama, but instead to repair a transformer that blew overnight.

Update 8:51am (5-10-2012)

Reader Stacy Lifton reports that Ventura Blvd going east at Universal Studios was closed as of 7:30am.

Update 4:53pm (5-9-2012)

Concilmemeber Paul Krekorian has released more information regarding President Obama’s LA fundraising visit to George Clooney’s home in Studio City:

  • 5pm: Street closures begin.  Those driving on Laurel Cyn Blvd and connecting streets north of Ventura Blvd should expect delays and road closures between 5pm-8pm.
  • Around 6pm: President Obama will arrive at LAX.   He will then be transported via motorcade and helicopter to George Clooney’s house.
  • 8pm-10pm: Local access south of Ventura Blvd will be sealed off.  Residents with a local ID will be allowed through.
  • The President will spend the night in Beverly Hills (most likely the Beverly Hilton)

Update 2:24pm (5-9-2012)

LA Observed is reporting that President Obama will arrive at LAX around 6pm – bypassing the normal afternoon rush hour.  The website also says he will depart around 10am on Friday morning.

There has been some talk of him possibly landing somewhere in the Valley via helicopter and making a short ride, but we still don’t know yet.  Last time we received word from residents hours before that he was going to land in the Cheviot Hills / Rancho Park area and they turned out to be right.

Best advice – stay FAR AWAY from the canyon roads on Thursday afternoon.  Also, when the president is in town, people tend to flee home after noon – so we see an uptick in traffic between noon and 4pm.

Check back as we will continue to monitor the situation.

In the meantime, here is a map of the areas and streets in Studio City and the LA area likely to be affected by President Obama’s May 10th visit:

Map courtesy Google


Update 5-8-2012

  • The fundraiser will take place Thursday evening, May 10 at the home of George Clooney.  Several celebrity websites report his home is located on Lookout Mountain Rd, [Update: several readers have told us that George Clooney's house is at the end of Iredell Ln near west of Laurel Cyn and north of Mulholland/Coldwater Canyon in the Studio City area.  Expect closures and major traffic jams on the canyon roads between Hollywood and the Valley
  • President Obama is attending some events in Seattle the morning of Thursday, May 10.  As per past visits, he usually arrives at LAX sometime between 3pm and 4:30pm.
  • Most prior visits had him being helicoptered from LAX to the VA, and then motorcaded across the westside.  However, last time he was helicoptered in to Rancho Park then driven east from there.  Being further south seemed to have alleviated some of the congestion. 
  • President Obama usually stayed at the Beverly Hilton.  He will leave on Friday morning, generally causing street closures between 7:30am and 9am.

Again, this is very general information to assist you in planning for your commutes on Thursday and Friday.  As we get closer, we get more information and can provide more details, so check back often.

If you have any tips, make sure to contact us via e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook

Chris Hughes