David LaVau Survives Lake Hughes Crash

David LaVau Survives Lake Hughes Crash

David LaVau recovering from a broken collar bone, cuts and bruises after being rescued from a crash where he ended up 200 feet down a hill off Lake Hughes Rd.

He disappeared September 23.  His family members thought he may have taken a trip to see his girlfriend, but days passed with no contact and they got worried.

KTLA reports that David’s family searched his credit cards and cell phone trail and found out that there was none.  They figured he could have been anywhere between the 5 Freeway in Castaic and Lake Hughes where he lives.

After six days of searching, family members discovered his car off Lake Hughes Rd.  

LaVau says he survived by drinking water from a river and eating bugs and leaves.  The fire department airlifted him to hospital for treatement.

In a wierd twist, his car ended up next to another one whose driver didn’t survive.   Originally it was believed that both vehicles may have been involved in a collision but that turned out to not be the case.

Klara Hardin