Valentine’s Day Traffic, Readers Don’t <3 You

Valentine’s Day Traffic, Readers Don’t <3 You

Everyone seems to be skipping out of work early today as Valentine’s Day traffic is a lot worse than a normal Monday.  The Twitterverse is abuzz with their traffic tribulations.

@PRissyShayla reports “Traffic is so messed up for Valentines Day…the 10 fwy by the 405 is crazy…guess everybody tryin to rush 4 dinner reservations.”

She could have a point… traffic was already jammed not only on the freeways, but all the streets on the westside starting early this afternoon… around 3:30 or so.

@Ronnibily said “I swear if this ridiculous amount of 405 traffic is not an accidnt and because of Valentines Day im moving.”

I guess he’ll be renting a U-Haul….just a couple of fender benders, but no major crashes on the 405.

@penultimatt reports that “Valentines day traffic = no good. So bad I can safely tweet while driving on the freeway.”

We still don’t recommend it.

@PatrickFee19 is taking all the congestion a little personally.  He exclaims “The 405 is [what a screwdriver does]ing me right now.  I know it’s Valentine’s Day but it didn’t even sweet talk me.”

Yes, she’s not one for romance.

The good news is, some people have figured out a way around the Valentines Day volume…

@birdiztheword salutes those guys by proclaiming, “Hats off to the men that learned how to cook in time for Valentines day b/c they realized how much time they would waste in traffic =)”

Traffic for Metro LA as of 6:45pm on Valentines Day 2011. Click for larger image. Map courtesy Google.

Happy Valentine’s Day (or Single Awareness Day) to our faithful Total Traffic LA readers!

Chris Hughes