Red Light Camera Fines in Murrieta to go to Charity

Red Light Camera Fines in Murrieta to go to Charity

The city council in Murrieta recently decided to expand its red light camera system from three intersections to five. This made many residents upset with the idea that the city was just trying to make money off of drivers. To combat this way of thinking, city councilman Rick Gibbs suggested that the city donate revenue from the cameras to local charities, according to the Los Angeles Times. 

Mayor Randon Lane liked the idea and suggested that local charities that would like donations could participate by applying for Federal Community Development Block Grant money, according to the Press Enterprise. The grant money will be distributed annually.

When a red light ticket is paid in Murrieta, the city only makes about $30. This is because the state and county each take a slice, and the rest goes towards leasing the cameras from American Traffic Solutions of Scottsdale. Yes, the cameras are currently owned by a company in Arizona. 

Local residents are still skeptical about the red light program. It will take some time before the charity program is up and running. But people may not be happy about getting that ticket regardless of where the money they pay is going.

Krystal Salmans