What Does a Flashing Yellow Light Mean?

What Does a Flashing Yellow Light Mean?

Just as solid yellow light would warn you to slow down, a new flashing yellow light is making its way onto the roadways. These yellow lights are actually appearing as yellow arrows, or turn lights. Both a solid yellow and yellow turn arrows are popping up across the country that flash to warn drivers the light is about to turn red.

 In Oregon, the Department of Transportation and the city of Salem have installed the new lights. The new signals feature “a flashing yellow arrow, indicating that drivers should yield to oncoming traffic before turning,” according to statesmanjournal.com

 Oregon Department of Transportation officials suggested that regular green lights tend to create ambiguity, where are the flashing yellow lights should provide clarity to drivers.

 Closer to home, the city of Fullerton has already begun to deploy the flashing lights in many of the cities intersections.

 These new signals are part of a study conducted by the Federal Highway Administration. The FHWA is considering enforcing new traffic standards that would include the flashing yellow lights, especially for left turn signals.

Krystal Salmans