OBAMA TRAFFIC MAPS: Closures of Streets and Freeways around LAX, USC, Glendale, Burbank

OBAMA TRAFFIC MAPS: Closures of Streets and Freeways around LAX, USC, Glendale, Burbank


Get ready for the gridlock.  President Obama is back in town, and will be all over Los Angeles County today.

We’ve been able to piece together the following but as always, things change.  Keep checking back here and our twitter feed www.twitter.com/totaltrafficla for up to the minute updates.


11:20am – Obama arrives at LAX from SFO
12:45pm – USC Campaign Event for Barbara Boxer
2:00pm – Event Rally at USC Alumni Park – this is the biggie
2:50pm – Obama departs from USC and travels to Glendale for radio interview
4:05pm – Obama departs Glendale for LAX – may possibly use Marine 1 helicopter

While Obama is travelling between LAX and USC, it’s safe to assume the 405, 110 and 105 freeways may be affected, as well as any number of streets in that corridor.  No particulars have been released.

Two possible freeway routes that may be used to transport Obama between LAX and USC. Maps courtesy Google.


USC Closures

Major streets affected include Martin Luther King Jr, Figueroa, Vermont, Exposition and 39th St.

Soft Closures begin at 9:30am, which means pedestrians but not vehicles will be let through.  Hard closures begin at 11:25am and they will continue until 2:50pm.  No people or traffic will be let through.

Street Closures are as follows:

  • Martin Luther King between Figueroa and Vermont
  • Vermont between Martin Luther King and Exposition
  • Figueroa between Martin Luther King and 39th
  • Exposition between Vermont and Figueroa

Closures around USC for the Obama visit. Map courtesy of Google

Attending the event at USC

  • Gates open at 10am
  • Enter at Trousdale Pkwy just south of W 34th Street
  • Park at USC Parking Center on 35th Street east of Grand or USC Parking Structure 1 at Exposition and Figueroa
  • Prohibited Items: Laptops, sharp objects, metal, glass or plastic drink bottles, folding chairs, backpacks, purses larger than a sheet of paper, food, drink, posters or signs.  You can bring a small camera

LAPD and Secret Service will not say how Obama is travelling from USC to Glendale.  Obvious freeway routes include:

  • 110 NORTH to the 5 NORTH to the 134 EAST
  • 110 NORTH to the 5 NORTH to the 2 NORTH to the 134 WEST

Two possible routes Obama's motorcade may use between USC and Glendale. Map courtesy Google.


Glendale Closures

Glendale PD has not been as forthcoming with the information.  Here’s what we do know…

The radio station that Obama will be taping an interview at is located at 655 N Central Ave in the Glendale Plaza building.  That is just south of the 134 freeway near the Central exit at Pioneer.  Definetly expect closures on Central as well as activity on the 134 freeway.

A red dot marks the location of the radio station where Obama will tape his interview after the USC events. Map courtesy of Google.

Again, no information has been given about Obama’s route from Glendale back to LAX.    There are some indications that a helicopter may be used for this portion of the journey.  However, if it is not, expect the 5, 2, 134, 110, 105 and 405 freeways to be affected.

Several possible freeway routes between Glendale and LAX. Maps courtesy Google.

Transit Closures
Metro tells us there are no rail disruptions due to Obama’s visit, however there will probably be bus disruptions – they just don’t know which ones.  They will notify us throughout the day and we’ll pass the info along to you.  Some general information is that the Silver Line will be popular to get to USC.  They suggest getting off buses early and walking part of the distance to speed your arrival.

Also, don’t forget a Police Brutality protest will be taking place in Downtown Los Angeles around noon, heading west on 5th and 6th to Macarthur Park.

As we’ve said before, this is preliminary information and subject to change.  Make sure to check back to this page for updates throughout the day, as well as follow us on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/totaltrafficla


Chris Hughes